Lesvos  Electronic
Lesvos Electronic was founded in 1990 , mainly aiming at the study, design and manufacture of systems of high frequencies (RF) with specialization in the manufacture of PLL FM Radio Transmitters, PLL AM Radio Transmitters, DDS, RF Amplifiers, Stereo Coders, Radio Link, and TV UHF Amplifiers. Our many years of experience and our modern equipment guarantee the impeccable operation of our products and therefore the satisfaction of our clients.

Transmitter  87,5-108 ΜΗΖ 

Receiver  UHF 980 - 2000  MHZ

Frequency Meter+Power Meter

Transmitter UHF 900-2000 MHZ

DDS Transmitter 520-2000 KHZ

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Frequency Meter+Power Meter